How To Make Tattoo Stencils

A tattoo stencil is used to make ink or henna tattoos. Making your very own stencil gives you the freedom to design your own tattoo to your liking. This is a very effective technique in ensuring you do not make a permanent mistake on your design.

First you have to pick a tattoo design. Then you can either draw it yourself or print it in paper. This is the most crucial part of the design process. Remember, this design is basically forever imprinted on your skin.a13212-7

Lay the transfer paper on the flat surface, then place the carbon-paper-ink-side down on the transfer paper.

Then using tape, stick together the top of the carbon paper and transfer paper so that it will be held in place.

Then, trace the design with a pencil. Press it hard along the lines so that the tattoo design transfers absolutely.

Cut the design out of the transfer paper. Make sure to leave two inches around the edge.

Then rub a glycerin-based deo over the area of the skin where you would like the tattoo to be placed. This will moisten the skin and make the transfer of the design easier to stick.

Place the transfer paper on your moistened skin, then rub until all the transfer has been, well, transferred.

Trace it with tattoo, henna, or body art paint.