How To Make Tattoos

There is no one process to designing a tattoo, especially the conceptualization part. That is the part that is difficult to teach. Some people say, if you have the knack for it, then you can do it naturally. Some say it can be taught. I say it’s both. You have to master your innate skills in order to be a true master.

This is how to make a tattoo.

First you draw your concept. Use a clean sheet of paper, and a sharp-tipped pencil. Then draw and draw until you are done with a design that is true to your art.


Then next, maybe you can add in a second concept so that your body will be full of art.

Next you create your outline. Next would be to make the exact drawing from the outline. The last step before submitting it to the artist, or putting it in the transfer paper. You must put in every detail. Down to the last line. If you want your tattoo to look sick, you need to put in a lot of effort into the details.

Check out this video below on how this guy designed his tattoo.