Body Psychology: Art or Self Destruction?

Body art, body bling,self graffiti, walking billboards, fashionable ink accessories, Each of these expressions depict the physical nature of the tattoo. I remember the first time i saw a “tramp stamp” a woman is reaching for something in front row of the large auditorium and a lot of people witnessed her walking artistry. Everyone had their own opinion and when she left we all talked about it, it was like a group therapy. Some of the people says she is a party girl and a lot more negative thoughts.


In those days tattoos were still controversial, Now they’re more accepted than ever . You could even call them trendy, tattoo artist are rapidly becoming more very famous career choice and you need to be artistic to be a professional tattoo artist.One of the important character in a wedding day are the bridesmaids. Try this new creative art design of Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses that every bridesmaids wanted to wear. It is one of the bridesmaid’s choice to wear during wedding day because of its amazing and fabulous design in perfect detail.


They don’t call it a destruction because that is what they really want to do with their body. Next generations we were going to see or just expect to witness a leather clad, tattoo sleeved, multi pierced guy named Rocko standing next to the restaurants and malls or every where in the streets. Tattoos have been around for more than 5,000 years (Egyptians used tattoos to differentiate peasants from slaves and social branding has been around a long time), ink art has really boost and became popular in the last 25 years.

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