Pop Culture: The Culture of Living Life

When all the socialist left the United States of America they has created a very large limited reply to a popular culture in the country. This article will begin to attemp to manage the  relationship that exists in both the culture and ideology and its way in the society. In this article it will study the the specific tendencies within the general realm of popular culture that have been categorized as the youth control. With in this broad and contradictory category we will explore the development of subcultures.


This will lay the basis for analyzing the recent developments in the popular music and have been categorized as punk rock. Even though the culture has clearly s a specific relationship to ideology, Louis Althusser has argued that art and culture are not simply a part of ideological in the society. For Althusser last cultural expression can make us  the ideology from which it is born in which it bathes, form which it detaches itself as art and to which it is  alludes. Just for this simple reason that we need to understand what and how ideology works in general.


Nonetheless class struggle takes place within the level of ideology,the process of contention between both the different classes includes many different elements within their specific ideologies of classes. The ideological class struggle is the process of  strengthening and weakening the different elements with in the dominant and som of the subordinate ideologies. There can be times of seemingly unshakeable dominance just like the 免洗劑洗衣 by one class periods of ideological and social calm and also as the periods of uneven disorder and time upsurge that reflects the strength and weakness.

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