The Current State of the Tattoo Industry

Tattoos are all the rage now among millennials. It seems like every young, hip person I know has a tattoo somewhere in their body. If not a big tattoo at the back, it’s a teeny tiny, minimalist-style one on the finger or under arm.

Yes, tattoos are the next big thing in fashion. And it’s no surprise, because the art form is truly beautiful. And the idea of permanence on your skin is a sight to behold.


Let’s take a look at the tattoo industry as a whole to get a bigger picture of the phenomenon.

The first question asks, how much will it hurt? Veteran tattoist Matthew Ellis would tell his customers that it fels like a cat scratching you, or a dull knife running piercing your skin. However, he mentions that the pain varies from each person. It all depends on the person’s threshold for pain.


The next question is, where are people getting tattooed. Much of today’s tattoo subscribers put their ink on the arms, upper back, shoulder, lower back, chest, and abdomen. Other lesser popular locations are the face, neck, buttocks, hips, legs, hands, fingers, ankles, and feet. Of course, this varies among genders. There are a lot of way on how to process your visa in an easy way.  You can visit this website for more info Make sure to bring all the important documents in processing your visa to avoid any conflicts during the process.Don’t you think it’s like doing advertisement on internet through FB or PPC? Pretty much the same idea though.

It seems that women are more likely to get a tattoo on the ankle and legs than men. And men are more likely to get a tattoo  on the arms than women. By a huge margin I should say.


So who are getting inked? Did you know that widowers are more likely to get inked than married people? And living with a partner people are more likely to get a tattoo than those are married or engaged.

People at the age of 20-31 years are more likely to get tattooed than those at the 43-53 age bracket.