4 Ways To Get Rid of a Tattoo

Remember that teenage romance that you thought would last you a lifetime. Well, here you are middle aged and a broken promise that has left you with nothing but a permanent reminder of your failure in the form of a tattoo. Don’t fret about not getting your forever, because to every problem there is always a solution. A tattoo can be removed by a number of ways.

What do people regret about getting a tattoo? Well, if you had the name of your ex-paramour written on your skin, that’s definitely something to regret. Another reason is how ugly it looked. And lastly, because it was just plain stupid to get tattooed.


Among the genders it is women who are more likely to have the ink removed. After all, there is a certain unspoken stigma against women who have tattoos. Over 7.6 million Americans with tattoos regret having inked.

Not to worry. Nothing is forever. Even tattoos. Here are 4 ways to get rid of it.

The first is by dermabrasion. This is when the skin is “sanded” to remove the surface and middle layers. It’s really quite painful if you think about it. The process of removing the skin often results in scars. Today, this method is rarely used because of this.


The second way to remove tattoos is by cryosurgery. This is done by freezing the tattoo area of the skin, before removing it by surgery.

Next is by excision. That is, a dermatologist and surgeon will remove the tattoo with a scalpel and close the wound with stitches. With large tattoos, skin grafting is done.

Another method is laser removal. This is the safest and most effective way to remove tattoos with a very low chance of scarring your skin.