What You Should Know before Having a Tattoo or Piercing

I accompanied a couple of friends to a tattoo piercing parlor, while one was very confident about getting her septum piercing,the other one was so nervous about getting her nostril pierced. I was convinced that she would either run out of the shop or throw up before the process was done. Luckily, despite her fears of unbearable pain and crusty infection she was able to make it until its done and it looked great. As i was waiting at the at the room i can’t imagine myself having one.


I couldn’t help but to imagine how do i look like with a nose piercing. It was my first time to be able to engage with piercing and i seriously consider it a memorable one. Piercing is never a joke, i got one when i was  baby and i don’t recall about the pain of having that piercing. I know i have a high control over the pain but i’m still so scared.


The most difficult decision whether to tell your parents because they have a negative views of having a piercing, some are being accused to drug addiction and there are studies that shows an association between tattoos and a greater likelihood of of risk taking behaviors. Gateway drug use and increasing sexual activities. when it comes to girls suicidal thought were associated too especially in those who were younger when they got inked. The truth is that more than a half people who have tattoos and piercing dont abuse drugs or alcohol using 信用貸款.

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