Cultural Face Painting information

Cultural Face Painting  has been used as the traditional rituals and for the fiestivals. For all the tribes today and in the past this was and is continuing to be used for hunting, religious reasons and military reasons  or to scare one’s enemy. A lot of tribal way for capturing were added to strike terror. Some of the warriors are entering in naked except for the loin clothing. Their bodies were covered with bizarre examples in red black paint. Decorating their own face and skin with a lot of lines and shapes are always been a part of their cultural and their native make ups and paints of many society since the beginning of time.


Painting the face is the most common theme across all the cultures and the divergent as the native American tribes. And in the North America and in various in places in Africa and South America. Face painting has been used for artistic expressions for the native American tribes on the times of the ancient. Their own  art of transforming their selves for putting some makeup and mask to cover their face is a universal phenomenon. Before we sought to vent in artistic impulse on cave wall.


They put colors on their faces and all over their bodies, Indigenous peoples of the Amazon forest said that by this process they are changing their selves, it demonstrated the humanity and they set themselves  away from the world of the animals. Tribal societies who is following still the ancient custom of face painting, choose the color according to the available raw materials and planning. Face painting is known as the most important ritual in the tradition of the tribes among native Americans. It is much more than just a beautifying practice. It is a very sacred act of distinction and thier cultural heritage on every occasions that are special the faces of their tribes members were painted and putting colors to augment one’s appearance power.

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