Get Pierced and Inked Now!


There’s nothing quite like the perfect tattoo etched on your skin. A tattoo is a symbol for many things. It’s a symbol of freedom, of self-expression, of rebellion, of creativity, of love, and loss.

I am an amateur tattoo artist who loves making websites as well. It is through this site that I want to spread my love for my craft, and encourage people to get inked. After all, what’s life without a little fun and creativity? A tattoo is the ultimate mark of being human.

It is also a beautiful reminder of permanence in a world full of temporary things. Well, almost permanent. You can always have it removed by laser surgery. But even then, there will always be traces of your tattoo after that. Even if you cover it up with another tattoo, it will still bear the memory of why and when you had it done.

A study says that 1 in 5 people have tattoos. Won’t you like to be a part of that rebellious and creative statistic? Having a tattoo is the ultimate way of showing you can bear the pain of growing old in order to create something beautiful.a13212-4

Millenials nowadays are all about getting tattoos. Look at celebrities now. They have a tattoo somewhere in their body. Even Justin Bieber has tattoos all over his body. Even Emma Stone has tattoos. Whether you’re a goody two shoes or a bad boy, there’s never a wrong reason to get a tattoo. Except the shun of certain parts of society, which are deemed to be too judgmental to function.

So, go ahead and get a tattoo. Learn all about the world of tattoos in my site. I hope you get inspired to get inked afterwards. It’s really a beautiful thing.